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Anabolic Cooking Review
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If you have heard the name Dave Ruel before, you might be a fan of body building. You could be a reader of e-books, especially cookbooks for a healthy lifestyle. Dave Ruel is a competitive body builder who also researches healthy eating, especially as it pertains to his sport. Anabolic Cooking undermines what you might believe about eating to build muscle.

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Myths about Muscle Building According to Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking Product

First of all, there is a misconception that one must eat bland food in order to lay down muscle and pack on weight. These are dishes which look unappetizing, uninspiring, and taste just as awful. Food has to be steamed or raw without seasoning or flavoring of any kind. You are lucky to get a bit color on the plate, but it is likely to be green. Too much of that is not good for the mind and is likely to send you ’round the bend, particularly if there is a corner store located there. How many people have given into cravings for packaged brownies and soda because their regular diet was simply too boring to tolerate?

Another myth is that the best alternative is a supplement such as a shake or a protein-packed snack bar. While these are convenient and take the thought out of eating and cooking, they are not always the healthiest or cheapest options.

Heavy Weight-Body Building This takes us to a third myth: that healthy eating for body builders is expensive. If it is not full of boring food, it involves a lot of steak. If not steak, then a body builder has to drink costly supplements mixed into smoothies or fruit juice. Eventually, even the shakes and packaged meals would become dull.

Meanwhile, devoted body builders are destined to spend half the day in their kitchens preparing complex, anabolic meals. All of this is a load of rubbish, but it’s understandable if you didn’t know that before. Neither did the author.

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Anabolic Eating Made Easy – Anabolic Cooking Reviews Explains…

What you really need for healthy eating is a mixture of foods that encourage muscle development; anabolic foods. How does one define anabolic cooking? Anabolic refers to building a structure as opposed to catabolic which breaks it down. In the muscle-making world of body building, amino acids from proteins are employed to build the cellular structure of muscles in every part of the body from forearms and quads to the heart itself. Foods in this category also support healthy digestion because without it one does not absorb amino acids and other nutrients. This sort of diet would support muscle growth by providing antioxidants and other nutrients to support healthy immunity and fight off cell-killing invaders determined to destroy new muscle cells.

Ruel’s Rules

Anabolic Cooking Frittata As far as Dave Ruel is concerned, the best place to get easily digested and useful sorts of protein is from lean sources cooked sensibly but flavorfully. They are not as cheap as carbohydrates such as pasta, that’s for sure, but protein can be found in many sources including foods for vegetarians, demi-vegetarians who eat eggs and fish, and individuals who eat everything. Meals do not have to be outrageously expensive, however. Pre-packaged stuff is not the best. This is usually full of additives you don’t want such as sugar or sugar replacements plus table salt and often more carbohydrates than one truly needs.

With anabolic eating, you are certain to lose fat around your middle while gaining muscle weight, probably because you gain muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t count your results on the scale; count them as inches around your waist. While you write, read, sleep, and watch television, muscles all over your body are taking fuel from your belly fat to maintain their substance.

Anabolic Cooking Results

How will eating anabolic foods affect your body in real terms? Your waist should shrink since this is where you are most likely to be laying down fat stores. Other parts of you which became fatty following years of bad habits will also shrink such as buttocks, thighs, and possibly your arms or face. Conversely, areas like your quads, hamstrings, pectorals, triceps, biceps, and other muscles will enlarge but only when you combine good food — anabolic food — with weight-bearing exercises. Try out the recipes and if they don’t work, you get a refund from Ruel.


How the Anabolic Cooking Book Came About

Anabolic Cooking is the result of 4 years of research on the part of Dave Ruel, so it isn’t a lot of anecdotal stuff or ideas he threw together off the top of his head. Ruel applied his fitness and food frustrations plus his knowledge of these topics to the task of discovering how to cook real meals for real people. These are delicious meals useful in their pursuit of bigger muscles.

After 4 years, he adopted a number of recipes and dropped others before compiling the book you see today and which has been in publication for several years, often a bestseller in its niche. The final result is about 200 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and for after your workout. That is a healthy number of options and enough so that consumers are able to rotate their meal plan throughout the weeks both prior to a competition and in the long term.

Don’t get bored with your diet. Boredom is a common excuse for quitting. There is no reason this cookbook cannot serve you as a way to eat into the future, not just as a training menu. Ruel provides a plan for real cooking and although he alludes to some kitchen secrets, he is talking about down-to-earth tips that bring restaurant-quality food to everyday kitchens.

Reading Anabolic Cooking Reviews & Getting Ready to Cook

Anabolic Cooking Dave Ruel The book contains more than recipes but also a number of helpful explanation pages. Learn what sorts of cooking tools and equipment you will need in your kitchen including items that need electricity and basics such as special knives. These won’t bowl you over; most people own them and use them in their kitchens already. Discover a few cooking tips which make the work ahead of you even easier than it already is. Recipes are developed to be simple to prepare, not complicated so you would rather avoid cooking at all.

If this book fails to stimulate your interest in real and flavorful home-cooked or home-prepared food, you are bound to return to the boring, pre-packaged, or expensive meals of your past or worse: you could be heading for the disaster of carb, sodium, and sugar-packed “bad” foods. Your diet would have failed you, but that’s not the plan. Ruel fully expects his reader to get the idea quickly and to succeed. Read the preparatory advice, nutritional descriptions of each dish, and then go shopping. Get ready to feel like a real chef in a restaurant for weight lifters.

Some Recipe Examples

Anabolic Cooking shish-kabob So what sort of food are we talking about? Ruel has developed versions of Spaghetti Sauce, Lebanese Beef Kebabs, and Asparagus & Potato Frittata. His recipes include Spinach Scramble and High Protein Fudge Bars. You will not like everything; no one ever enjoys every item in a cookbook. What you will discover, however, are new ways to prepare old favorites and to inject extra protein into those favorites, even dessert.

Ruel, a bodybuilding champion, has prepared an assortment of foods which is sure to appeal to the youngest member of the family without depriving anyone. Meals are well-rounded and nutritious. His e-book costs just $19 to download.


More from Ruel

What if you like this book a lot and want more? Dave Ruel is married to Karine Losier and co-authored another cookbook with her: Metabolic Cooking. The Lean Kitchen Queen, as she is known, holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and discovered that many people are frustrated by food. They don’t know what to cook or how to cook it. Advice sends them in so many directions that there’s no telling what will really work to help them lose weight without spending a fortune or spending hours in the kitchen.

Metabolic Cooking - the Ruels Karine Losier’s and David Ruel’s Metabolic Cooking provides simple, easy recipes which super-charge your fat burning center, also known as your metabolism. If this has been sluggish, it will pick up speed with their recipes and eating advice.

How is this Different from Anabolic Cooking?

You might wonder if it’s worth buying both books or if some from one can be adapted to match the criteria of the other in order to save money. Anabolic cooking builds muscle. Metabolic cooking melts fat. If I was to choose just one, however, I would select Anabolic Cooking. The reader doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder to benefit from fat loss and muscle growth in order to justify this purchase. Foods in this book will achieve both purposes at the same time since muscle at rest is still burning fat constantly.

Adapting to Different Anabolic Diets

Anabolic Cooking doesn’t follow a Paleo diet or Atkin’s diet. This is all about achieving a result, so the individual consumer must determine which recipes aren’t going to suit his personal needs. If you are allergic to something, read ingredients carefully. Otherwise, I recommend the Anabolic Diet partly for its proven success in the life of its author and those of many customers but also because it’s cheap at only $9.


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